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>> Introduction:

Our association was established in 1992 as an enterprise. In April 2000 we transformed into what is today known as JUKO Constructions and Supply LTD. The founding fathers of Juko Ltd have established this company on the basis of their experience gained in the fields of the energy construction industry and current supply.

The enterprise was launched as an undertaking in the construction industry.

The main profile of JUKO Ltd is the supply and installation of current networks, stations and accessories, as well as full administrational support.


- energy counseling
- electricity network design and installation
- public lighting design, developement and operation
- design, carry out and maintenance of cable tv and communication networks
- any other tasks and issues emerging on the field of current design and maintenance
- operation of public lighting

Modernizing (extension) of the public lighting:

Our association has carried out the reconstruction of public lighting in Veresegyhaza and is in charge of the maintenance tasks up to 2011. Changing outworn and not efficient heavy duty public lighting lamps enables you to achieve significant savings. By reducing the energy output the savings you achieve could return your complete investment within 5 to 10 years. Doing an update would facilitate partial extension of public lighting resulting in improved quality. This investment is probably supported by the government, which reduces the time of return of your investment even more. Furthermore, we have developed a financing proposal, which enables the procurer to settle the costs of the construction in the form of leasing.

Juko Ltd is striving not only to carry out the work quickly and at a fair rate, but also puts emphasis on quality. We have a wide selection of machinery for various construction technologies.

There is a team of well trained professional technicians at our disposal for executing every task. To deliver quality work our professionals have up to date knowledge and experience considering in country circumstances. They are able to deliver high quality industrial work at the standards required by their profession. In order to ensure that our assignments are accomplished at the highest quality we keep their knowledge and experience up to date by training and monitoring. Our company employs 98 people.

In 2004 the current headquarters of our company was built, thanks to the sucess of the initial years. The headquarters with the office and the depot building are the base of our company now. Our associates attend to their tasks in the company owned, modern and air conditioned office at Veresegyhaza.
The satisfaction of our procurers is provided by us as trustworthy and stable partners. We provide assistance in designing, measuring and chosing the best solutions at the lowest price to satisfy our procurersí requests and needs. We know that procurers not only expect to have a reliable and perfectly operating electric system but also expect to have installations and systems operating at adequate costs.

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